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is a 100% mexican company, has been founded at the beginning of the 90`s, based on the knowledge of Mexican Official Norms that are apply to the Electric, Electronic and Telecommunications sector.

Consolidated as an enterprising and leader agency, at the moment it has specialized in the Certificate obtaining of Telecommunications, Electric, Electronic and Compute products, by the corresponding dependence and official organisms such as: Normalization and Electronic Certification, A.C. (NYCE), Normalization and Certification Association of Electric Sector A.C. (ANCE) and the Telecommunications Federal Commission (COFETEL). These certificates are used for the import and commercialization of electric products of high quality that guarantees the physical integrity and the consumer's security for their use.

Isatel, being early to the vertiginous change of the technology has stayed update on the different norms and certification processes, new products, new configurations; offering an integral consultant ship culminating with the endeavoring by the corresponding dependences and organisms for the Homologation and NOM Certificate Obtaining.

With this, Isatel contributes to inform the companies to fulfill the requirements that are indispensable for production, commercialization and import of theirs products.

We achieve this way jointly that all the mark companies have recognition in their market, being reflected directly in their demand and fomenting the economy increase of our country.

We have at the moment personal highly qualified, tests laboratories credited by the Mexican Entity of Accreditation (EMA), and hired by the corresponding certification organisms to be able to guarantee our service.

Quality Assurance Politics

To Provide Advisory, Consulting and Managment professional services to our clients in order to assess compliance and regulations in Mexico about Electric Electronic, IT, and telecommunication products guaranteeing our costumer’s business expectations by improving our services, processes and efficiency in the Quality Managment System.