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Behind the Client, Beyond the Market

  • Certification

    Isatel Group puts you beyond the market with the most comprehensive advice on the NOM certification for electrical, electronic, telecommunications and information technologies

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  • Standardize

    Beyond the market where you operate, we have the most specialized services on international regulations to give you the advisory you need.

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  • Standards

    One of our core services is to give you world wide certification access. Mexico is one of the most important markets being in the center of America as it is for it's logistics. If there is a rule or regulation, we have you covered.

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Important Announcement: Up to this January 1st of 2013 it is now official for all imported equipments using bluetooth, WiFi and analog modem technologies, to fulfill and present under the Mexican Official Norm the NOM-121-SCT1-2009 and NOM-151-SCT1-1999 If you require more info about this update on regulatory imports under the Mexican Official Nom or any other advisory on this, pleas feel free to contact us...


We have the standard you are looking to join the Mexican market.

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