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The efficient control of our processes to obtain licenses in accordance with official standards for electrical safety, electronics, telecommunications and business information, allows us to optimize time and cost to you, and to avoid unnecessary delays in delivery of certificates.

Our staff is trained to provide the best solutions at the technical level, and the coordination and administration of their licenses during their term. We are monitoring visits, or any notice required by the certification bodies.


With our experience and technical expertise with which we can streamline the process for membership applications to the COFETEL to obtain temporary certificates of approval for equipment to work with radio frequency (spectrum), through cells, etc. And the certification body in the case of equipment with analog or digital terminals through PEC, to obtain the first license NOM telecommunication equipment based on lab tests to finally get a final approval certificate issued by the COFETEL.

These certificates of approval issued by the COFETEL order to enable connection to devices that are within the bands of operation, ranges and band powers permitted the legal framework that exists in Mexican law to the public telecommunications Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT). To be at the forefront of new technologies, participate in international telecommunications worldwide and we have relationships with other countries in Europe, Asia and America.